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International Press Card

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International Press Card

International Press Cards will be issued in the name of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to foreign journalists residing in Korea to gather news for more than one year. Before issuing a Press Card, FPCKorea comprehensively reviews the nature, size, reports and newsgathering activities of the media outlet which has hired or contracted the foreign correspondent. FPCKorea’s services are only available to those who hold an International Press Card.

- Receiving this International Press Card does not signify that a foreign journalist has obtained a D-5 (long-term news coverage) Visa. The Press Card is intended to help confirm the identity of the card holder by showing that the Government has already verified the foreign correspondent’s identity.

Documents for Submission   File Download

  1. - Koreans : International Press Card application, certificate of employment, recent photo for identification
  2. - Non-Koreans : Alien Registration Card (or copy of visa or passport), International Press Card application, certificate of employment (or dispatch order), recent photo for identification
  3. In principle, foreign journalists should possess a D-5 Visa, but it is still possible for those with other specified visas to obtain an International Press Card.
  4. Certificates of employment (or dispatch orders) must specify a stay in Korea of more than one year and also include the head office’s seal or the signature of the person in charge.

How to Submit the documents

Via e-mail to fpckorea@korea.kr or personal visit

Processing time

It usually takes one month after the submission of all necessary documents, but more time may be required if documents are incomplete or the review takes longer than expected.

pick up

- Applicants must pick up the card from FPCKorea in person, and prior approval is needed before retrieving it by proxy.

Further information regarding International Press Card and D-5 Visa issuance

  1. -Korea Immigration Service, Ministry of Justice : http://www.immigration.go.kr
  2. - Seoul Immigration Office phone number : 1345
  3. - FPCKorea does not provide D-5 Visa applicants recommendation or confirmation letters.
  4. - The Ministry of Justice only recognizes D-5 Visa holders as legitimately employed international correspondents. Those already possessing a Korea-issued tourist visa or work visa other than the D-5 cannot obtain a Press Card.